Why Insurance


Insurance is money to be paid to someone, some day. That someone could be

  • A person who has lost the sole breadwinner in the family. They could use their loved one’s life insurance money to support themselves in his/her absence.
  • A person who has become disabled. He could use his insurance money for his daily medical needs.
  • A person who has worked all his life and wants to retire comfortably.
  • A person who has been diagnosed with a major illness. He could use his insurance money to make adjustments to his lifestyle.
  • A person who was involved in an accident. She could use the money to pay for her hospitalisation fees and long-term outpatient medical bills.
  • A person with young children. She could use the money for her children’s future tertiary education.
  • A person who wants to receive extra money on a regular basis over a period of time. She could accumulate savings at a reasonable rate of return.