Introduction to The Business

The current trend in a business has always been to offer welfare and benefits to their employees.payday loans If they do not have these schemes than no one will join that particular business and the business will have a low attraction from the best talent. It is so much well entrenched in the Singapore business that it is not exactly known as to when the welfare and benefits started. We do know that the trend accelerated during the 1980’s because of competition of manpower. Employees benefits from insurance plan. Though they are not party to it. It is between the insurance company and the business for the benefit of the employee. That is the insurance scheme and the agreement is called a ‘Master Policy’. What terms to be discussed will be in the ‘Master Policy’.

  • Self-funded Schemes
  • Third party Insurers

The Business Insurance

  • Group Term Life Insurance
  • Group Critical Illness Insurance
  • Group Medical Benefits Insurance
  • Group Hospitalization and surgical
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance
  • Group Long term Disability Income Insurance