About The Agency


The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited, a company licensed under the Insurance Act, is an exempt financial adviser authorised under the Financial Advisers Act to provide financial advisory services.

Md Ishtiaq & Associates is a group of financial advisor representatives representing The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited.

The representatives are authorized to sell Life Insurance products for Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited and General Insurance Products for OAC, MSIG & Tokio Marine.

Mohd Ishtiaq is a Director who has been in the financial planning business for more than 30 years. He is currently leading a team of 12 financial planners who help their clients with life planning, financial planning and estate planning, as well as other financial needs and wants.

Mohd Ishtiaq entered the life insurance business as a financial planner in June 1982. Over the course of many years, he developed a large clientele base founded on the tenets of excellent service and professional support.

He has crossed many milestones and won numerous accolades. They include:

Attaining Life Membership of the prestigious Million Dollar Producer Club from 1986 to 2002, and

Appointment as a Senior Executive Manager in 1990, qualifying for the company’s Top Organizer Club. In this year also, Mohd Ishtiaq renamed his agency to Mohd Ishtiaq & Associates.

In 1993, he was first runner-up in the company for new business sales in November, and was Top Divisional Officer in December.

In 1994, he was promoted to Group Sales Manager. Prior to his appointment, his agency sold $958,000 in First Year Life Premiums.

From 1995 to 1997, he grew his team to a total of 35 Planners and was writing $1.6million in First Year Life Premium sales for the company.

From 1995 to 1996, he was the company’s Top Direct Group Manager.

In 1998, he served as Vice-Chairman for the Great Eastern Guild. He was also appointed as Agency Supervisor, where he undertook the development and grooming of new Planners joining the life insurance career.

In 1999, he served as Vice-Chairman for the Great Eastern Manager Club. Mohd Ishtiaq also became a Life Member of the prestigious Great Eastern Achievers Club for top planners and leaders.

In 2006, he was approached again to serve the in-house association and was elected as the Chairman of the Great Eastern Managers Council. He served dutifully for the next 3 years until 2009. During his term, he enhanced the agency contract, improved the Group Scheme and implemented many new ideas for the benefit of his members.

Today, Mohd Ishtiaq continues to grow his team and the business for the company.