• Single Premium & Endowment

    • Endowment Plan
    • Single Premium Plan
  • Whole Life & Term Plans

    • Flexilife Life
    • Flexilife Multiplier
    • Universal Life
    • Prestige Series
    • Smart Term Series
    • MortgageCare Policy
  • Critical Illness

    • Critical Care Advantage Rider
    • Critical Illness Protector
    • Smart Critical
    • Smart Early Critical Care
  • Personal Accident

    • AccidentCare Plus II
    • Essential Protector
    • Golden Protector Plus
    • Junior Protector Plus
    • Prestige PACare
    • Life Accident Protector
  • Hospital & Surgical

    • SupremeHealth
    • TotalHealth Plan
    • Totalhealth Plus Rider
    • Global Advantage
    • Hospital Income Benefit
  • Disability

    • PaySecure
    • ElderShield Basic
    • ElderShield Supplementary Plans
    • Lifesecure

About Insurance

About Insurance


Life insurance gives you and your family financial protection against the financial loss that can happen after your death or if you suffer a total and permanent disability

It can also give you a retirement income or act as a financial back-up in emergencies and protect you against health-care costs.


Why Md Ishtiaq & Associates

Why Md Ishtiaq & Associates

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